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Obtaining an Incorporation Business Incorporation or ByLaws

IIc incorporation - no city, county and state governments require business owners to incorporate.  You can file a dba doing business as certificate instead because you either have to file the dba, form an llc or incorporate. In some cases, in addition to the state of Incorporation, the federal government may also require you to get special  Incorporation Papers or ByLaws, depending on the type of business or your Incorporation business location business.

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99 percent of all businesses need a business license, though they don't need an Incorporation - however, you need a business certificate and you can form an llc or incorporate instead of getting a dba business name certificate.  Your corporation name is the same as the dba business name.   This is a general Incorporation that allows you, as the Incorporation business owner, the freedom of  operating an Incorporation business.

Here is how to get a Free Incorporation :

  1. Submit an online form with the corporate name.
  2. Search to determine the kind of Incorporation you need and obtain necessary Free Incorporation online application.
  3. Submit  the online application.
  4.  The statement of information that contains the directors, and officers information must be usually must be renewed annually and the government notifies you by sending you a form to complete and mail with your fee.

State Free Incorporation s 
State law requires businesses that provide certain products or services to get a state Incorporation.  Some businesses are also required to get business permits because businesses  must meet certain Incorporation legal requirements, such as pet clinics, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol.

To obtain a Incorporation Incorporation:


  1. Get to the Incorporation Incorporation requirement information and online application for your type of business.
  2. Submit the Incorporation online application and we will file it, or help you file it.

Sales Tax Incorporation Papers 
Incorporation  require a sales tax Incorporation or seller's ByLaws for all retail businesses. This allows you to buy wholesale and charge sales tax to customers on items purchased.  You need to pay these taxes to Incorporation and that is where you use your Sales Tax Incorporation or Incorporation Sellers ByLaws.


Many Incorporation ByLaws is a term given to Incorporation Papers given for certain businesses that need to meet safety, helth, and building structure requirements.  If you meet these requirements, you are issued a Incorporation ByLaws to pursue the business activity.

  • Home Occupation License
    If your business is home-based, Incorporation requires that you obtain a home occupation license. 

Free Incorporation or Free LLC .

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Choosing an entity (Corporation, S-Corporation or LLC) Choosing a State to incorporate in. Incorporation / LLC Formation A California Incorporation will help your California Small Business Company avoid personal legal and financial liability, save taxes, and protect your personal assets. We can file a Corporation or LLC and all Legal Documents you need to Start your Business Here Includes filing and obtaining a corporate certificate ( articles of incorporation) and all corporate related documents, such as bylaws, you need to run your corporation or llc.

Business License

A business license is a Business Tax Registration Required By All Businesses. An EIN is a Business Tax ID that all businesses need.

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Seller's Permit

In addition to a DBA (Doing Business As) (Assumed Business Name) registration, you will need a Seller's Permit if you sell merchandise or want to buy wholesale

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Free Incorporation

A DBA (Doing Business As) (Fictitious Firm Name Certificate) registration is required for partnerships and users of a trade name. Instead of a DBA (Doing Business As) , you can form an LLC, or Corporation.

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LLC or Corporation?

It is recommended that you file an LLC or Incorporate your business instead of a DBA (Doing Business As) . An LLC or Corp will register your business name.

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DBA (Doing Business As)

DBA (Doing Business As)

Using a trade name requires a DBA (Doing Business As) filing.


Business License

All businesses must obtain an occupational business license.

Sellers Permit

Seller's Permit

Retailers and Wholesalers must obtain a seller's permit.



Almost all businesses must obtain an Employer ID Number.

How to Select Your Licenses and Tax IDs


Select Structure

There are four legal business structures: You must choose one of these: sole proprietor, a gen. or limited partnership, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation.


File a Certificate

Limited Liability Company Corporation must get a state LLC / corporate certificate. Sole Proprietors/Partners must File a DBA (Doing Business As) , Nonprofits must form a non profit corporation.


Get License & EIN

In addition to a corp, LLC, or DBA (Doing Business As) , you will need to obtain an EIN and a business license. If you will hire, you will also need a state EIN.


LLC or Corporation?

It is recommended that you file an LLC or Incorporate your business instead of a DBA (Doing Business As) . An LLC or Corp will register your business name

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All businesses need a business license and an EIN, users of a trade name need a DBA (Doing Business As) , wholesalers and retailers need a seller's permit. Instead of filing a DBA (Doing Business As) , you can form an LLC or Incorporate. Employers need a state employer tax identification number.

Obtain any one or all of these here. Most filings take 1-3 days.

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